Miami Industrial Trucks earned Logisnext’s 2021 Dealer of Excellence

Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas, Inc. (MLA) names Miami industrial…
02/22/2021/by Rebekah Jackson

How to Justify New Cleaning Equipment for Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

Do you know the value of cleanliness in your warehouse or distribution…
02/19/2021/by Rebekah Jackson

2020 Iron Man Winners Make History

The results for the 2020 Iron Man ELITE program are not only…
02/12/2021/by Rebekah Jackson

2 Shifts.1 Charge. Guaranteed.

Never stop a shift to charge, and take your operation to a higher…
01/27/2021/by Rebekah Jackson

Class 4 Model Lineup Expanded

Our Cat Lift Trucks and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are adding…
01/08/2021/by Rebekah Jackson

Cold Weather Protection Tips For Your Forklifts and Operators

Forklift operators encounter a unique set of risks and challenges…
12/17/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Just In Time For The Busy Season

With the busy season upon us, we have the extra help you're looking…
11/25/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Game Changer | Jungheinrich EJE 120

Looking For A Game Changer?
Purchase the leading Electric Walkie…
11/17/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

12 Warehouse Safety Tips

At Miami Industrial Trucks, we aim to provide you with the best…
11/05/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Are You Ready For Automation?

Join us for the webinar: "Are you ready for Automation? Overcoming…
10/28/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Did You Know You Can Deduct Your Entire 2020 Equipment Purchase Price?

Are you considering new or pre-owned material handling equipment?

10/22/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Right For Your Motive Power Application?

Lithium-Ion Batteries
As a result of this year’s ongoing pandemic,…
10/12/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Automated Guided Vehicles | Auto Hitch/Unhitch

Talk About A Game Changer!
Programmed to operate around the…
10/06/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Jungheinrich Class 3 Warehouse Products Expansion

Jungheinrich Class 3 Warehouse Products Expansion
We are excited…
10/01/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

Jungheinrich EKM 202

Our Jungheinrich EKM 202 is the perfect match for small parts…
09/21/2020/by Rebekah Jackson

6 Things to Know About AGVs in the Warehouse

6 Things to Know About AGVs in the Warehouse
Offering seamless…
08/18/2020/by Rebekah Jackson