Work Smarter, Not Harder

Jungheinrich easy PILOT Follow ece-1200x423

Order-picking with the ECE has never been easier and faster! Our Jungheinrich easyPILOT Follow is 100% reliable, offering maximum picking performance and easy retrofitted options to suit every unique requirement. 

With a semi-automated control unit that allows the ECE to follow its operator automatically, the control unit positions itself exactly so that the goods can be set down at the right place on the fork. This allows the operator to concentrate on the picking process. Ultimately maximizing efficiency, minimizing error frequency, reducing operator strain and enhancing safety in the warehouse.

Significantly more picks per hour thanks to optimized processes during order picking.

Intuitively seamless switching between the operating modes jetPILOT in ride-on operation and easyPILOT Follow

Stable and effortless connection between truck and operator per auto-pairing, even with goods stacked high.

Watch the easyPILOT Follow in action on the link below to see how your warehouse could benefit!