Just In Time For The Busy Season

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Man holding pallet jack from Miami Industrial Trucks in warehouse with box

With the busy season upon us, we have the extra help you’re looking for and at an amazing low price!

While Supplies lasts, we have gentle used Jungheinrich and CAT pallet jacks listed at $250 each!

Contact us today today to buys yours, as these will go fast!

Pallet jacks have forks that slide underneath or into openings on pallets, skids, and containers, and they have a hydraulic pump that lifts the loaded forks. Also known as pallet trucks, pallet pumps, and pump trucks, these wheeled vehicles are used to lift and move heavy loads in warehouses, loading docks, manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings. Pallet jacks require less maintenance and can maneuver more easily in tight spaces than forklifts. Manual pallet jacks are completely operated by hand and require less maintenance than fully powered and partially powered pallet jacks. Manual-lift/powered-drive pallet jacks and powered pallet jacks are fully or partially powered by an electric motor and take less physical effort to operate than manual pallet jacks. Unless noted otherwise, pallet jacks are for use on firm, level surfaces because they may roll back if used on inclines.