The Jungheinrich EKS 215a, Automated Pallet Stacker

The EKS 215a is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) based on our vertical order pickers that combines tried-and-tested mechanical engineering with innovative automation, including accurate navigation technology.

Reliability & Efficiency
Improve your operational processes with the EKS 215a NA. The automated handling of standardized transport processes allows for the reallocation of resources on other tasks.

The EKS 215a NA can also be used in mixed operations mode with manual trucks and pedestrians. Our award winning Jungheinrich Logistics Interface facilitates a smooth connection to your host system. This allows for easy integration into your existing IT and software.

The EKS 215a is an automated pallet stacker that uses laser navigation so no floor work is required. Our comprehensive vehicle safety system provides a high level of safety that includes enhanced sensors.

Proven Expertise
With more than 60 years of electric lift truck design, plus 10 years of automation experience, Jungheinrich’s efficient and reliable warehouse products have been stacking and transporting in warehouses around the world. The award-winning Logistics Interface facilitates a smooth connection to any host system, such as your preferred WMS or ERP platform.

Lithium-ion Package Advantages
– Fast charging with no need for battery exchanges
– Maintenance-free with no odors from gases or acidification
– Longer service life compared to lead-acid batteries
– Charging can be interrupted at anytime
– 5-year battery warranty included

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