Jungheinrich EKM 202

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Our Jungheinrich EKM 202 is the perfect match for small parts order picking when performing tasks such as light maintenance applications or picking tasks without a pallet.

Key benefits Include:

• Quickly reach the next picking location with a maximum travel speed of 5 mph and extend heights up to 17’4”
• Increase awareness with automatic closing doors, door locking features, warning lights available and adjustable storage tray.
• Easy and efficient charging with an integrated on-board charger and attached charging cable
• Steering spinner to facilitate precise driving, padded doors for easy entry as well as operator comfort, a sensor floor mat to support mobility and a travel switch with thumb-operation for convenient ergonomic hand position

The best part is the total cost of ownership!

Being a chain-free lift, it requires minimal parts and very little maintenance.

How could the EKM 202 benefit your warehouse?