How to Justify New Cleaning Equipment for Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

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Floor cleaner in building

Do you know the value of cleanliness in your warehouse or distribution center?

Probably not. In most facilities, cleanliness is one of those things you don’t really notice until it’s missing and then the consequences can be severe.

Cleaning provides value in a couple of ways that are difficult to quantify:

  • Via prevention. Clean floors help prevent slip, trip, and fall incidents, which in turn help prevent workers’ compensation claims and surprise visits from OSHA inspectors. In facilities like food distribution centers, cleaning prevents contamination that could lead to a recall.
  • By helping your facility make a good impression. Your customers may not stop by often, but when they do, a dirty environment will make them think twice about doing business with you.

One benefit of cleanliness that’s easier to put numbers to is productivity. When employees don’t have to step over or around messes, they can do their jobs much more efficiently. Because the value of cleanliness is often more abstract than, say, the value of an additional forklift, it can be difficult for warehouse managers to get buy-in for new cleaning equipment. However, not investing in equipment is a false economy because when companies don’t clean, they open themselves up to a wide range of risks – like product recalls and employee injuries – that can be very costly.

Our Industrial Cleaning Equipment Specialists can help you assess your current level of cleanliness, calculate your total cost of ownership and identify the right equipment for your facility.

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