Forklift Technician | Findlay, OH

Att: Melissa Seisbuttel

We believe that you deserve a job you’ll love. Here, we’re all about total integrity as a company in everything we do. We want our customers’ expectations to be exceeded as we build long term relationships. That’s why we’re looking for energetic, highly motivated and enthusiastic team members.

Required Experience | Qualifications

• 3-5 years experience working on forklifts, automotive, farm equipment, or other types of heavy equipment.
• Dependable and task oriented
• Good people skills.
• Timely and Organized
• Able to multi-task and follow through

Does this sound like the role your searching for?

Our team environment is family oriented and fast-paced. We are passionate about growing personally and professionally, and pushing the limits of our industry is the everyday norm. In this position, you will be able to expand your professional skills and sharpen your abilities.

We invest in our employees and because of that, we offer perks and benefits such as . . .

• Excellent fringe benefit package
• 401 (k) Profit Sharing Plan
• Training
• Opportunity for advancement

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