Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Very Narrow Aisle / VNA

Our very narrow aisle units and turret units are designed to safely and efficiently store and retrieve product in tight operating spaces, and eliminate the need of double handling. We also want to help maximize the cube utilization of your warehouse or facility. With our VNA products we may have a solution that will allow your company to put more products in your current cube. Thus eliminating the need for outside storage areas, extra trailer leasing or knocking out that wall to expand!

The forklifts are available in both electric and LPG and are compact, ergonomically designed and highly maneuverable. Some models are designed with a sideways swiveling operator seat to help operators be fatigue-free. Miami Industrial Trucks, Inc. sells and services very narrow aisle products from Jungheinrich, Bendi, and Drexel.

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