Handling Equipment

Ergonomic Handling Equipment

The word “ergonomics” has created a buzz in the material handling industry over the last ten years, but when asked to explain “Ergonomics,” most people draw a blank. Simply defined, Ergonomics is the science of making the job fit the worker….both physically and psychologically.

When it comes to solving “ergonomic” problems, Miami Industrial Trucks, Inc. has-all-the-right-moves. We offer a wide variety of solutions in ergonomic equipment: work positioners, rotators, tilters, dumpers and custom design systems.

If you have an interest in maximizing productivity, minimizing workers comp injuries and improving the overall safety of your employees, please contact Miami Industrial Trucks, Inc. if you would like us to come out and do a “Free Ergonomic Facility Assessment”

Lift Tables

Ergonomic Lift Tables are extremely rugged and reliable machines. Thousands of Backsaver Lifts are in use throughout the United States for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading, and a wide range of other applications.

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Pallet Handling Equipment

Level Loaders, Turn Tables and Rotators are the products that revolutionized manual pallet loading and unloading. Simple devices that will automatically maintain a load at the ideal height for the manual loading and off-loading of product.

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Mobile Lifts

If you are looking to improve productivity and safety when handling lighter loads, white coat and light industrial handling applications then look no further. Mobile Lifts are essential wherever lifting, positioning, assembling, stacking, unstacking, transporting, or the need for an adjustable height work surface is part of the job.

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