The Miami Industrial Trucks Fleet Management Team are experts in revealing the hidden costs in operations. We have a proven strategy – Identify, Control and Reduce the cost of material handling in your facility.

First, we tour your facility to take a comprehensive look at your operation before we make any recommendations. The data we collect will enable us to determine your maintenance cost per hour, the economic break-even point of each piece of equipment, and the percent utilization. Then we recommend improvements that will reduce your costs immediately, helping you drive down your expenses and get better control of your entire material handling operation. Finally, we recommend a planned replacement program with a vision to the future, to make improvements that will continue to save you money.

Effective management of forklift fleet costs is an excellent way to improve corporate profit – now and into the future.

Planned Maintenance

With well over 4000 units in the area covered by Miami Industrial Trucks planned maintenance programs, our team of professionally trained technicians is set to perform complete diagnostic checks on your trucks and equipment to prevent problems before they result in serious emergencies, damage, and downtime.

Extending the warranty life of your trucks and equipment is an added reason for scheduled maintenance coverage. We take preventive maintenance seriously, completing over 98% of our calls on schedule. Our diagnostic procedure examines every component in your truck – as many as 76 different points are checked on a single piece of equipment.

After each planned maintenance call, you receive a report from our technician telling what was checked, what service was done, and any repairs that are recommended. Any repair work we recommend is only done if and when you authorize it.

We schedule and perform planned maintenance at times convenient to you, and we offer a computer-based service history of each truck for easy reference. We can also provide, as a management tool, detailed quarterly reports on your operating cost for each truck serviced by us.

Discover how Miami Industrial Truck’s planned maintenance helps cut out the worry and lower the lifetime operating and investment cost of your trucks and material handling equipment.

Road Service

Miami Industrial Trucks has you covered for any on-site service needs. Our cell phone dispatched service vans handle emergency breakdowns quickly (our average response time is under two hours). Miami Industrial Trucks has technicians on call around the clock if the breakdowns occur on second or third shift.

Our journeymen technicians are experts at quickly diagnosing the problem, making the repairs, and getting the equipment operating again with a minimum of downtime. We will also check related systems for possible “side effects,” as well as your equipment’s primary systems.

Each van carries a computerized inventory of parts to satisfy the repair needs of most jobs on the spot, so most repairs are completed on site with one visit, and within just hours of your call.

Shop Service

Some repairs are too big or too complex to be performed properly on-site. Transmission work, lift cylinder repacking, steering axle rebuilding, engine rebuilding, and other repairs require specialized tools and experience to fix properly.

For these cases, we have the most complete service shop in the area, with more expert technicians than anyone in town. We will pick up the equipment to repaired and bring it to our shop. We can also deliver a service rental, if needed, at the same time. We then determine an estimated cost for the repairs and the estimated completion time.

After you approve the estimate, our factory-trained technicians get to work repairing your equipment. During the repair, we will evaluate the operating condition of the equipment to assure no additional repairs are necessary.