When you buy or rent any piece of equipment, it’s important that replacement parts are available throughout the entire service life of the equipment. That’s why Miami Industrial Trucks has set up a comprehensive system for making parts readily available to our customers. Thanks to our $1.5-million inventory, customers find that almost 90% of all parts they order are in stock, and almost 100% of those parts are to the customer in less than 48 hours, so expensive downtime is minimized.

Our success at supplying parts is the result of experienced parts specialists using the latest in computerized inventory control. We are able to connect directly with factories and distribution centers for all brands of forklifts to locate exactly the parts you need and get them to you quickly.

We guarantee quality parts – genuine, original equipment parts that meet or exceed the specifications of the original manufacturer. We locate “hard to find” parts that other suppliers may say are unavailable. And we make sure we deliver only the correct parts (the wrong part is worse than no part at all).

Not only are we your complete source for industrial equipment parts, but we have all sizes and types of lift truck tires for special surface and applications. We offer a free inspection service during which we visit your plant and examine the conditions and equipment and then recommend the proper tire for best traction, longest life, and safest operation.

Caterpillar, Mitsubishi & Jungheinrich Parts

We provide genuine Caterpillar,Mitsubishi and Jungheinrich parts for your forklift. With our large inventory we normally will have your part in stock. If not, with the help of Caterpillar, Mitsubishi and Jungheinrich we can usually have your parts available the next business day.

Ask us about our Parts Fast or Parts Free Program.

Our Commitment

Just order your Caterpillar, Mitsubishi or Jungheinrich forklift parts from MIT by 4 PM Eastern time and we’ll have those parts ready for Dayton pick-up or delivery by 8 AM the next morning. Any part in Caterpillar’s, Mitsubishi’s or Jungheinrich’s main Indianapolis distribution center in 16 hours or less…how’s that for increased uptime and productivity!

The Indianapolis Distribution Center picks and stages all parts orders received by 4 PM and has them ready for pick-up at approximately 7 PM. MIT’s shuttle truck arrives at the DC at around 8 PM for pick-up of these staged parts. These parts are delivered to our Dayton location by 11 PM and to our other locations by noon the next day. Monday through Friday, about 500 miles a day – Mario Andretti would be proud!

Parts for All Brands

We can also provide parts for all brands of forklifts. We only buy from suppliers that provide quality, replacement parts.

Parts for all brands of equipment is achieved by Cat’s Promatch Parts program of complete cross-referenced parts availability for major manufactured trucks. We have over 60,000 cross-referenced parts in stock, and each one is guaranteed for 6 months.

In your business, time is money. And when your equipment goes down, time becomes a precious commodity. That’s why Miami Industrial Trucks, Inc. is making it easier than ever to order quality replacement parts for your equipment. In addition to ordering by phone and fax, we can set you up to use our exclusive online lookup and ordering site, NGAUGE.